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The reading pillow for book lovers

Bookiepad: The essential reading pillow for every age group and every book genre
Perfect reading companion for books and e-books of all kinds

Whether you delve into the captivating depths of a fantasy novel, the crackling suspense of a Enjoy thrillers or let yourself be touched by the true-to-life characters of a contemporary novel – The Bookiepad reading pillow is at your side on every literary journey. It is specifically designed to keep you in to accompany the universe of current book genres, from celebrated new releases to beloved ones Classics and trend topics such as mindfulness and self-optimization.

Maximum cozy comfort when exploring new worlds
Whether you're exploring the vast, unexplored galaxy of science fiction or immersing yourself in the mysteries of historical ones Deepen fiction - the Bookiepad adapts seamlessly to your preferred reading position. It supports you in to be completely absorbed in the detective stories or romance novels. The pillow is your personal one Comfort zone that invites you to change sides without having to compromise on well-being.

A variety of advantages for enthusiastic readers of every generation and every interest
Whether young readers who are guided by the magic of Young Adult novels, or experienced readers who... Complex, literary works delight, the Bookiepad is a purchase that brings the joy of reading to everyone Book genres intensified. Even for fans of non-fiction, be it biographies or specialist literature, this offers Ergonomically designed cushions provide the optimal basis for hours of reading pleasure.

Stylish enrichment and adaptation to current reading trends
The Bookiepad is not only an effective reading accessory, but also visually adapts to the latest decor trends. It is a tribute to the love of literature in all its facets - from the exciting plots international crime novels to the profound stories of autobiographical works.

Ready for all your books and digital devices – plus the latest bestsellers
You can store your smartphone or e-book reader in the practical additional pocket of the bookie pad which makes it the ideal companion for digital reading - perfect for even the latest e-books Bestsellers to always have with you. Also as a support when leisurely browsing through top seller lists or the The Bookiepad stands up to the hottest new releases in the book market. With the Bookiepad at your side, every story and every genre becomes a unique experience. Awaken the most discussed thrillers, most gripping love stories and most instructive biographies about life. Design with the bookie pad