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Reasons why readers should have a 'Bookiepad' reading pillow

We love reading, immersing ourselves in foreign worlds, discovering other people's lives and letting our imaginations run wild. We like to browse on sofas, on the beach or snuggle up in bed - even in the most impossible positions and for several hours.

These incorrect postures can not only have long-term physical consequences, but also reduce the enjoyment of reading because we tense up and put strain on our muscles. To counteract this, we at Bookiepad have developed our innovative reading pillow, which not only prevents tension but also offers additional comfort.

Maximum comfort for unforgettable reading moments
The Bookiepad reading pillow was developed by book lovers for literature enthusiasts to maximize reading comfort. It adapts perfectly to the body, is cuddly soft and therefore enables a relaxed reading experience - even over several hours.

Promotes healthy posture
Our reading pillow naturally promotes a more upright posture and reduces strain on the back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands. This enables a relaxed reading experience and unnecessary muscle tension is a thing of the past.

An absolute all-rounder
Whether reading, working, surfing on the tablet, playing on the console or traveling - the Bookiepad is the ideal companion to enjoy maximum comfort in everyday life. It can not only be used when sitting: it can also be used as a pillow on the sofa, a chest pillow when lying on your stomach, a leg pillow to relieve the strain on your knees or as a bookrest.

Always have your cell phone at hand
Some of our bookie pads also have a side pocket. This offers enough storage space for all common cell phone models and can be easily accessed at any time while reading.

Eating and drinking while reading – no problem
The covers of our bookie pads are easy to remove and machine washable. This means that they are not only easy to clean after one or two mishaps during a reading session, but can also be used outdoors without any problems.

For book lovers like us, reading is one of the best pastimes. So why shouldn’t we work on perfecting this precious time? The Bookiepad is the ideal companion for this, because with this reading pillow, reading hours become unforgettably cozy!